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Vincent and Marie-Laure offer :

Osteopathy - Acupuncture

Scenar therapy, pain & stress relief

Pilates - Qigong private sessions


Vincent offers :

Osteopathy - Acupuncture


Marie-Laure offers :

Scenar therapy, pain & stress relief

   Pilates private sessions & class

Qigong private sessions

Phoenix house

25 Greenwood street

Motueka 7120

Golden Bay Health Centre

12 Motupipi street

Takaka 7110

Opening day

Every Thursday

Opening days

From Monday to Wednesday

Opening day

Every Saturday

Pilates class

Takaka Bowling Club

Lake Crescent, Tākaka 7172

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Vincent 0204 1977 800

Marie-Laure 021 0279 3739

We are looking forward to meeting you

Vincent, osteopath, is away til September. For any musculoskeletal issue

(low back pain, neck, sciatica...) 

Book an appointment with Marie-Laure,

Scenar therapist 021 0279 37 39 or online 

No ACC registered

If you really need an osteopath, contact Bryony at Thrive osteopathy Motueka.

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