What to wear, how to dress, what to bring?

We are working with acupuncture and a device (the Scenar) needing to be in contact with the skin. It is then better to wear loose shorts during the consultation and a top like a singlet.

Osteopathy does require to wear loose pants and tee shirt only but acupuncture is often offered to empower the osteopathic treatment.

If you have any question or concern, talk to us and we will be delighted to find the best possible solution to help you.

Preparation for your SCENAR treatment

  • Be well hydrated before attending SCENAR sessions. Please ask if you are not sure how best to achieve this.

  • Do not bathe / wash for two hours prior to, or two hours after treatment.

  • Do not apply lotions or cream to their skin on the day of the treatment (including topical analgesics).

  • It is preferable that self-prescribed medications, especially pain relief, are avoided before treatment.

  • It is preferable that women do not apply make up before treatment.

  • Magnetic and electrical items should be removed from the body before treatment.

Pilates and Qigong practice

Mats and cushions are provided, please bring a towel and water if needed.
Wear comfortable sports wear, (not too baggy for Pilates), socks or bare feet.
Cosmetics : In general, please avoid wearing sunscreens, perfums (because of people's allergies), body lotions, and make-up on the mat or bring/request a towel :-)

Res-source New Zealand AB-Health Tasman clinic