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Meet the team

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Vincent Louys osteopath acupuncturist Motueka Res-Source

An experienced healthcare professional

Vincent has 20 years' experience in osteopathy but is also qualified in many different modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western medical acupuncture and naturopathy. He can treat anybody from the new born and pregnant women to elderly people.

Vincent enjoys outdoor activities, paragliding and he is a writter.


Marie-Laure Darricarrere Pilates instructor Parapara Qigong master Scenar therapist Motueka Res-Source New Zealand

Different skills and tools to help you

Marie-Laure is a Qigong master, fitness & Pilates instructor and Scenar therapist. She’s been teaching for 10 years, and she loves transmitting her knowledge to make your life better.

Marie-Laure uses a unique combination of therapies, healing and exercises to restore your health. You will feel rejuvenated after your sessions and ready to start you healing journey.

Marie-Laure enjoys outdoor activities, gardening and cooking.

Res-source New Zealand services in healthcare and wellness.

Why Re-Source

Help you to find and be the source of your health.

Because we all are responsible of our own health, but through our journey, sometimes,

we don't know how and where to start. 

Vincent & Marie-Laure offer a range of treatments and services in

Natural health therapies & wellness fields

to help you to improve your health and life and start a new journey.

Once we acknowledge our abilities, all that remains is to learn about the mechanism of self-healing and do the necessary work to get it happening.

Yuan Tze - Wellbeing begins with you.

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