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Suzanne C. found joy & peace
with Qigong

I was privileged to meet

Marie-Laure and join some of her classes when she lived in France. She led our class in discovering the early stages of a beautiful Qi Gong system, which weaves together ancient practises and wisdom with modern knowledge. She led us through gentle physical movements combined with mind activities, which magically restored balance and harmony in my body and mind. It was amazing to find after the first session that I was so at peace within myself that I could laugh and make little jokes with my husband once again.

 From the very first session, a heavy depression in me lifted, and I was able to really enjoy life again for the first time in years.

 From those early beginnings I have been inspired to learn much more about this system and underlying philosophy, and I now practise every day, slowly building more and more peace and harmony within myself with my family, community and the earth. This process brings me a sense of wellbeing, that I have never experienced before, in my entire life.

Gregg H. had his pain relieved from osteoarthritis

I am a 76 year old male with osteoarthritis in both knees.  With Marie-Laure's treatments , my pain level has gone down considerably. I feel this therapy has reduced the pain and stress on my legs and knees.

Marie-Laure is very caring and professional.

Christine C. enjoys Pilates

Marie-Laure makes you feel welcome and at ease. She knows her stuff and makes classes fun. I have been doing Pilates for 3 years and highly recommend it - gentle exercises strengthening the core and relaxing at the same time.

Vincent Louys has been my Osteopath for the past 3 years. Vincent has a very professional and caring manner. His knowledge of understanding the body shows in his work and the excellent results I have personally experienced.

I have always found it easy to discuss any health issues with Vincent. He has been able to provide me with the necessary Osteopathic  treatments that I have required for various injuries or health problems.

As of late Vincent has incorporated acupuncture as part of my treatment plan. I have found that the combination of both Osteo and Acupuncture certainly work well together.

I could not speak more highly of Vincent and the dedication he has for his work.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any future patients

Julie B. experienced excellent results with osteopathy & acupuncture

Nick. W was no longer in pain after osteopathy & acupuncture

Having suffered from back pain for a number of weeks, I sought help from an Osteopath, after a couple of sessions without success, I was recommended to try Vincent. Vincent has a number of different therapies including osteopathy and acupuncture and by using a combination of his skills he achieved immediate improvements to my condition. By the third session, my symptoms had all but disappeared and I was no longer in pain.

Vincent has an amazing ability and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services.

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