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Osteopathy is a manual therapy which aims to restore harmony within the body by reducing acute or chronic tension.​

The human body has an inherent ability to heal itself. However when tension or restrictions or impair natural movement, the body tends to compensate for the lack of mobility will often lead to discomfort.​

The body functions as one unit, and osteopathy emphasises the importance of considering the person as a whole during examination and treatment.​

A common misconception about osteopathy is that most people think the osteopath "cracks" bones.​

Although joint manipulations are sometimes necessary to resolve restrictions, the clinician has a wide variety of more gentle techniques to reduce tensions and restore health in the body. Osteopathy is safe and gentle enough to treat people of any age, from babies & pregnant women through to the elderly.

Vincent is a registered practitioner, so osteopathy and acupuncture treatments can often be partially covered by ACC.

ACC Prevention Care Recovery Res-Source New Zealand
OCNZ Osteopathic Council New Zealand
Vincent LOUYS osteopath baby Motueka Takaka Golden Bay
Vincent LOUYS osteopath Motueka Takaka Golden Bay
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